Get Rid of Those Dark Spots FOREVER!

Meet Phylicia Patton

Priority Skincare founder, Phylicia Patton, grew up in Saint Louis, MO, where at an early age suffered from eczema.

In 2018, Phylicia suffered from a severe eczema break out which resulted in hyperpigmentation and dark spots throughout her entire body. She met with doctors, an allergist, and dermatologist who informed her that the only way to improve her condition was through steroid creams and taking a daily dose of a particular pharmaceutical for the rest of her life. This news was unsettling, as Phylicia was well aware of the side effects and adverse events that were associated with pharmaceutical products and refused to accept this destiny. She decided to take matters into her own hands and research natural solutions to an issue many people face everyday. Phylicia began to formulate natural plant-based products including bar soaps, body lotions, facial masks, and toners. Within 30 days of using these products, Phylicia’s dark spots began to fade and she was finally in control of her eczema.

Phylicia knew many people suffered from eczema everyday and would value a natural alternative to the steroid creams and pharmaceuticals that are on the market. She decided to share her knowledge with the world by creating Priority Skincare, LLC.

Phylicia earned a Bachelor of science degree in Chemistry from the University of Missouri, Saint Louis, along with a Master of science degree in Cosmetic Science from the University of Cincinnati- Ohio. She also holds an MBA from Webster University.

Our Vision

Priority Skincare, which specializes in plant-based and hand- crafted skincare products, was developed by Phylicia Patton, an experienced chemist and formulator. Phylicia’s struggle with her own skin problems inspired her to help others who deal with similar issues. Helping others to improve their quality of life is Phylicia’s passion.

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